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As hard as we try to check, double-check, and triple-check our work, sometimes we slip-up! This page is meant to correct and/or clarify errors in the calendar. We appreciate your understanding. Thanks,


2022 Edition - A Journey into 365 Days of Black History

In the January plate - inside the biography of Frederick Douglass, in the last paragraph. The statement reads, " Feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, after hearing of his death on February 20, 1985, wrote in her diary,......" Wrong!

Obviously Frederick Douglass passed long before 1985. In fact he passed on February 20, 1895.

2020 Edition - A Journey into 365 Days of Black History

William Leidesdorff a pioneer settler in the city of San Francisco is featured in the 2020 edition calendar.

In addition, an image of the street sign with his name on it directly at the bottom of the TransAmerica Building (the Pyramid). The credit for this image was omitted. It should be given to Danielle Mirabella, a brilliant photographer and longtime friend of IOKTS.

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