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August 9, 2022

365 Days of Black History - In Praise of Women
365 Days in Praise of Women 2009.jpg

From the Researcher's Notes

The engagement calendar has always been the all-time favorite style of calendar that we've produced. There used to be a time when almost every day someone would call requesting if we were still producing the engagement calendars. Pomegranate stopped printing engagement calendars n 2012, but before that, I spent many hours at the Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture in New York City, researching materials for several engagement calendars we would produce using their fabulous collection. 

This venture with the Schomburg was the first time we worked with a theme. "In Praise of Women," was dedicated to women. It was one of our most popular of the already popular engagement calendars. The cover is graced with the beautiful art of Nefertiti, "Getting Fixed to Look Pretty," (1978).

While searching through our warehouse, we found a few more copies of this brilliant engagement calendar. You may be able to have one of these collectibles. Email us at and we'll work that out depending on the stock. Thanks.

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