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Things that are happening or have already happened.

In addition to our regular calendar features, we also offer special information relating to IOKTS research and historical events from the ancient to the present and the mundane to the fantastic. These features are a priority for IOKTS, because as our slogan/acronym states: I Only Know the Story; So through our web-page, we may tell these stories to our customers and regular visitors, so they can engage, learn, become inspired, and then create or enhance history.  Above all, we are excited about enriching your education through our history collection and research

Dr. Patricia Bath, MD
(1942 - 2019)

June 20, 2019

I am deeply saddened by the passing of a great medical research pioneer and a dear friend, Dr. Patricia Bath.
Dr. Bath was the first African American woman to hold a medical patent and her work involved helping people 
's vision. Her invention of the Laserphaco probe provided a  more precise surgical treatment for cataracts. 
I first met Dr. Bath at Howard University in her lab, where she was working on her ground-breaking medical projects. She showed me a computer method Doctors were beginning to use to diagnose patients who were thousands of miles away. By visually seeing the patient and their condition, a Dr. could make diagnosis and provide treatment suggestions. This was in the beginning years of computer technology. 
Dr. Bath had agreed to sit for a photograph to be used in the next edition of the "A Journey into 365 Days of Black History" calendar. The picture shown here is the one I took and used in the calendar. In later years, she would tell me that this picture was her favorite of all the pictures she had taken.
Dr. Bath and I spoke regularly via telephone and email. In 2018 she told me she was coming to DC for a convention, and wanted me to photograph the event. I was ready and eager to see her again and to discuss our future projects. But the event didn't happen due to snowy weather and Dr. Bath didn't make it to DC. However we still kept in touch. In September 2018, she informed me of her children's book, The Rainbow Science Book, that was released and being sold on Amazon. We featured it on our website with a link to Amazon for purchasing. She said, "I hope to promote STEM among children with this book and others."
Though Dr. Bath will be truly missed, her work will live on. I am blessed that our paths crossed and I was able to add one small chapter in her legacy. Our condolences to her family and friends.

Phil Freelon with National Museum of Afr

In memory of Philip Freelon

(1952 - July 9, 2019)

Architect, Philip Freelon standing in front of the African American Museum of History and Culture, one of the many buildings he designed,  Being in his presence, I realized that Phil was a competent, talented, intelligent and generous man. Our condolences to his wife, Nneena his family and friends as Phil passes on to the ancestors. (7/9/19)