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In addition to our regular calendar features, we also offer special information relating to IOKTS research and historical events from the ancient to the present and the mundane to the fantastic. These features are a priority for IOKTS, because as our slogan/acronym states: I Only Know the Story; So through our web-page, we may tell these stories to our customers and regular visitors, so they can engage, learn, become inspired, and then create or enhance history.  Above all, we are excited about enriching your education through our history collection and research

Harrison Dilliard
     (1923 - 2019)

Harrison "Bones" Dillard was a remarkable Track & Field athlete. An Olympian who equaled the feat of his fellow Cleveland, Ohio native and idol, Jesse Owens. Dillard won 4 Gold medals over two Olympic Games -- 1948 and 1952. But Dillard would surpass every athletic feat from his time until the present. He is the only Track & Field athlete to win a Gold medal in the 100 meters and the 110 meter hurdles. It was an honor and a  pleasure to meet Harrison Dillard in 2004 and to feature him in our Engagement calendar. May he rest in Peace. (photo by Getty)

Phil Freelon with National Museum of Afr

In memory of Philip Freelon

(1952 - July 9, 2019)

Architect, Philip Freelon standing in front of the African American Museum of History and Culture, one of the many buildings he designed,  Being in his presence, I realized that Phil was a competent, talented, intelligent and generous man. Our condolences to his wife, Nneena his family and friends as Phil passes on to the ancestors. (7/9/19)


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