Things that are happening or have already happened.

In addition to our regular calendar features, we also offer special information relating to IOKTS research and historical events from the ancient to the present and the mundane to the fantastic. These features are a priority for IOKTS, because as our slogan/acronym states: I Only Know the Story; So through our web-page, we may tell these stories to our customers and regular visitors, so they can engage, learn, become inspired, and then create or enhance history.  Above all, we are excited about enriching your education through our history collection and research

Kamala Harris - Vice President of the United States

Above is a photo of now 2020 Vice President, Kamala Harris. This image was taken in 2010, when we had our sights on sister Harris, knowing she was going places. We had her on the list to be included in one of our calendars, but it didn't materialize. At any rate, we're pleased with her rise to fame and optimistic for the country that the Biden-Harris has won the 2020 election. Congratulations to Kamala Harris for representing Blacks, Asians, West Indians,  Whites, and others. As well, congrats to all of those who supported the Biden-Harris ticket. Truly we are all one great big family of the human race.

Robert Ryland (1920 - 2020)

Throughout the 35 years, we've researched and produced our black history calendars, I've always said, "literally not a day goes by, that I don't learn of some history that I never heard of before! Some event or some person and my response is always the same: Damn! 

It happened today when I learned of the death (at 100 years old), of Bob Ryland, the first Black Professional Tennis player. May he rest in Peace.

Now we've featured Althea Gibson, Australian Aboriginal champion, Evonne Goolagong, Arthur Ashe, and we've tried diligently to obtain a usable photo image of pioneering sisters, Margaret and Matilda Peters, aka "Peat and Repeat." But never had I heard of Robert Ryland! "People stand on his shoulders and they don't even know who he is," said Women's tennis pro, Leslie Allen. Let's keep his legacy alive and celebrate his great life and contributions.---GTC